Head of Growth

Job description

The role is for someone with a track record of growing startups, and exceptional academic achievement.  
  • Based Old Street, London, with opportunity for up to 50% of your time being remote working.

  • £70-£100k annual salary permanent + equity, or £800-£1,000 per day freelance, depending on experience.

  • Full time, or at least 4 days per week.

HiddenCity creates real-world adventure games for adults. Players solve clues sent to their phone on a journey through the city. They unlock secret locations, interact with people they meet, and solve challenges.

Experiences are critically acclaimed, with coverage from BBC News, Time Out London, Evening Standard and more. HiddenCity partners have included The Guardian, Eastpak, and the City Of London Corporation. Customers rate HiddenCity, on average, 4.6 out of 5 stars.

The company is now looking to optimise marketing channels, prior to scaling operations worldwide.

Following successful marketing tests, HiddenCity now see 1,000 people play the games every week. HiddenCity is looking for an expert in growth to increase profit, LTV and reduce CAC. You'll report to the CEO.


  1. Follow a structured growth process to evaluate changes based on LTV, CAC, acquisition, repeat and referral rate.

  2. Seek to double revenue within 6-12 months, and reduce CAC by 30%:

    1. Run A-B tests via PPC with sensible choices made on statistically significant data.

    2. Identify new marketing campaigns, overseeing content development.

    3. Identify, specify, and oversee implementation of new marketing features in the website, and a future mobile app.

    4. Oversee marketing aspects of the customer support team.

    5. Define the marketing strategy for new games.

  3. Support the development of a business model.


The key attributes we look for are:

  1. Experience: At least one year in a growth role such as Head of Growth, Growth Hacker or Growth Manager.
  2. Numerate: One of the following academic records: (a) two As in A level in a numerate subject, or (b) a 1st from a Russell Group university in a numerate subject.
  3. Specialist skills: Knows how to apply statistical methods to A-B testing.

In addition to the above, we look for:

  • Supporting 200%+ YOY growth at multiple organisations.

  • Expertise in calculating LTV and CAC.

  • Expert in Google Analytics and Facebook and Instagram ad platforms. 

  • Management of a £1m+ annual advertising budget.

You are:

  • Curious, intelligent, creative and empathetic.
  • Acutely aware of brand, especially in the live entertainment sector.
  • Playful and imaginative. You enjoy playing games.
You’re the right person if you are curious, creative and empathetic. You value being part of an organization that creates exceptional player experiences. You enjoy working in a structured, planned, thoughtful way, interspersing with lively collaboration. Expect your ideas to be challenged, make your decisions based on evidence, and be flexible and open to taking on tasks outside the core role, as HiddenCity is a startup.
Your work will be about identifying problems and delivering creative solutions, so expect a varied application process that will enable you to test your problem-solving skills and show off your creativity. Have fun with it.